TomTom Location Analytics


Launched in 2008, the TomTom Traffic database has trillions of data points, with over nine billion new records being added every day. TomTom’s traffic portfolio is available in 61 countries and counting, making it a scalable service for global solutions. A pioneer in the field of Floating Car Data, and a leader in the industry of traffic information, TomTom continues to innovate to develop services that address a wide range of use cases, from autonomous driving to traffic management and analytics. By merging multiple data sources, including anonymous measurements from GPS navigation devices, smartphones, commercial fleets and sensor data from governments, TomTom’s powerful Location Analytics platform creates one of the highest quality traffic services on the market, providing the right tool to analyze, monitor and influence urban mobility.

26/10/2017 - 10:30 a 11:00 en Sala 109



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